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Julian today is a mountain community of 3012 people located near the geographic center of San Diego County. Julian offers a lifestyle, climate and beauty not available anywhere else in Southern California. The clear, fresh air, coupled with four mild seasons, provides unusually lovely and comfortable living.


Julian’s charming and historical ambiance has a friendly, safe and peaceful lifestyle not found in today’s cities and suburbs. Beauty abounds everywhere … from pine and oak covered mountains to lush meadows and starlit nights. Julian provides all the joys of country living, while only a short drive to the city and ocean.

00260009At an elevation of 4200 feet, Julian today boasts a mild four-season climate with an annual precipitation of 25 inches, some in the form of snow. Summer heat is normally dry and seldom exceeds 90 degrees. Winter rarely dips below 30 degrees, and the occasional snows melt away within a day or two.


Each season has a unique charm. Spring brings wildflowers in a brilliant profusion of red, blue, purple and yellow blossoms. Summer is perfect for biking, hiking and camping. Fall’s apple and pear harvest takes place against a backdrop of leaves changing color into yellow, gold, orange and red. Winter means crisp air tingled with a rich aroma of oak and pine smoke rising from wood stoves and fireplaces.

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Whatever the season, you can stroll the length of town admiring the many original “old west” buildings dating from the late 1890’s, visit shops offering imaginative selections of arts, crafts and gift items, enjoy apple pie (whole or by the slice), ride a horse drawn carriage and explore an authentic gold mine.

Julian is perhaps most remarkable for its town spirit and activism. Civic and charitable organizations of every description abound, and scarcely a month passes unmarked by some event aimed at bettering the community.

Visit Julian, meet its neighborly people and share in the feelings of small-town America. Call us at Mountain Farms, and we’ll be happy to show you some properties (760) 765-0111.

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