Kaaren Terry

Kaaren Terry

Kaaren Terry
CA BRE #01231449
Mountain Farms Realty
2019 Main Street
Julian, California 92036
PH: (760) 765-0111
CL: (619) 417-0481
FX: (760) 765-2016

Kaaren Terry’s Background

Kaaren Terry is a REALTOR® and is the owner/broker of Mountain Farms Realty in Julian, California. A native of San Diego, Kaaren moved to Julian in 1999 to get away from the city and live where she spent her vacations as a child. “Living in the mountain is a goal I made to myself as a child.”

Kaaren has worn many “hats” over the years before settling into real estate. She raised a large family, was a foster parent to 28 children and adoptive mother of two. She worked for Vons Grocery Company as a checker and department manager. Her love of glass developed into a business as a glass artist; making stained glass windows, kaleidoscopes, and fused glass picture frames which she marketed world wide. She owned a classic fire engine, and gave tours of San Diego while her customers rode in the back. She wrote the contemporary novel, “Across the Creek, ©” which is set in Julian. All these experiences gave her the knowledge of how business and people tick. As Kaaren puts it, “Each ´hat´ opened the most unexpected doors and taught me to think outside of the box.”

Kaaren had extensive experience working in property management before becoming a licensed real estate agent in 1997. She realized she had found her niche; and was excited helping people find a new home. Kaaren shares her skills and enthusiasm with every family to meet their needs and budget. “It doesn’t matter if the new home is temporary, permanent, a step up, or downsized. My clients have a need and I enjoy fulfilling it.”

“My life has been an incredible ride, every day a new learning experience, and the people I have met have made the trip extraordinary. While most of my friends are retiring I have geared up and started a new business. I am living my dream. Living in the mountains in a wonderful community and helping clients find their dream home. Julian is more than an address it’s a way of life.”